About Ed Broom


Somehow, deliberately or otherwise, you have arrived at freston.net, the online residence of Ed Broom.

If you're after Father Ed Broom, catholic priest and Oblate Of The Virgin Mary, try the St Peter Chanel church website in sunny California. But thanks for popping in.

Presenting 56 (one per year) crucially important things about me:

  1. born and bred in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
  2. resembles Michael J. Fox, according to Avi from Carrot Cake
  3. father of three: Eldest, Middler and The Boy
  4. never been drunk
  5. middle name Freston ...
  6. ... as is my dad's, as is The Boy's
  7. still not got the hang of looking up before passing the ball
  8. table tennis player in the Ipswich & District league for 20 years
  9. lousy swimmer
  10. bikes a lot but struggles to fix a puncture
  11. played euphonium under Steve Williams in the Westbourne School Band
  12. pedant
  13. chose Exeter University for the "reflective pace of life"
  14. detests parmesan
  15. married to a younger woman
  16. collects old postcards of Ipswich
  17. seen Half Man Half Biscuit live three times
  18. enjoys black and white films with subtitles
  19. waited after a concert in Edinburgh to secure Haken Hardenberger's autograph
  20. rarely on time
  21. runs the website for the Ipswich Society
  22. has a right arm scarred from infantile cortical hyperostosis
  23. allergic to the office environment
  24. only needs to shave every other day
  25. grey hairs show if haircut is delayed
  26. won the IMDb quiz in 1996
  27. would prefer to have no pets, or only those with an on/off switch
  28. still working his way through Barry Norman's top 100 films
  29. both parents went to Northgate School
  30. least-talented member of No Great Sheiks and The Awesome Foursome
  31. middle child, hence natural diplomat
  32. eternal optimist
  33. loves newsagents
  34. does not own an umbrella
  35. always buys the latest Douglas Coupland and Neal Stephenson
  36. made on a Mac
  37. should get to bed earlier
  38. mine's a large white Americano with an extra shot
  39. has footballer's legs, apparently
  40. can throw a grape into the air and catch it in mouth
  41. winner of the 2007 Ip-art Short Story Competition (and runner-up in 2012)
  42. had a letter in the Guardian on May 10, 2008
  43. works at Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath
  44. world record holder as part of "the most participants in a table tennis rally"
  45. local contemporary artist, doncha know
  46. on the Twitter