EDitorial ± 3-Mar-2014

TT1314, Week 20

Three games remain for Defiants to secure that all-important third spot and thereby gain promotion to the vertiginous heights of Div 2. If we went up, would we come back down next year? We don't deal in speculation. We deal in something clever that sounds a bit like speculation, probably a word rhyming with speculation and sharing that same ending. Rewrite this bit, note to self.

On our travels tonight to the 'Stowe. Once upon a time we'd have headed to the school at the end of that long road to play the caretaker and some kids. These days, Kingsfleet hang out closer to the sea on Langer Road in the notorious St Edmund church hall. You know the one. Two old familiar faces in the form of end-of-the-pier John and canny Frank, joined by new guy "good boy" Stephen, who, it must be noted, has been grabbing a few points. Corresponding match in the first half finished with us winning 6-4. Would be good to do better tonight. In brief:

  • could-do-better 1/3 for Kevin, winning his opening game in straight ends, getting nowhere against Stephen and going down 3-1 in a close game with Frank
  • satisfactory 2/3 for Yang, losing 3-1 to Stephen
  • pleasing 3/3 for Ed, yay!, gritting his teeth to beat Stephen 3-1

Surprisingly no Kev in the doubles, almost graciously stepping aside to score while Yang and Ed -- the two players with the most points, ahem -- did their bit. Nabbed that extra point without too much trouble to finish 7-3 victors, one better than last time. Let's see how we stand once everyone else has played this week.