EDitorial ± 25-Jun-2014

Light Lunches: Grange Barn, Hasketon

Glorious day and Han Solo bike ride, again. Not this time the Sandy Lane. Far too easy. Instead, your actual A12 roundabout. Yikes. Past the Seckford turn-off and pull over to the path alongside which, alas, is nastily nettly. Eventually to Wyevale and the not-so-wide open Grundisburgh road that is the B1079. Which I like to think of as the B(13x83). Up here on the left a bit further, a measly four mile ride under the hot sun. Glad to be wearing a wicking top.

Been to the farm shop here at Grange Barn before. Brand new is the cafe to the right, bedecked with decking, bit like Winkles but with the fine sea view replaced with a car park and field. We can't all be sitting right by the coast, can we? Both Mr and Mrs Andy are here -- together -- and have already ordered their ploughman's. Inside sit some pale-looking people and a few seemingly unlabelled pre-made sandwiches. I take the bacon & brie, hand it over, and the smiling lady says she'll bring it out. Hopes aren't high.

And yet. My toasted sarnie arrives first, arrayed on a modish wooden board c/w salad, crisps and jar of dressing. Really rather good, ditto both the food and presentation thereof to the happily married couple sharing my table. With a Fentiman's rose lemonade on the side, life seems pretty sweet. Andy takes issue with a lump of cheese before realising he's tried to swallow an entire pat of butter, silly boy. Can't really blame the cafe for that.

Chat with the not-from-round-these-parts lady reveals she's relocated here from Vancouver. Wow. She likes shopping in Ipswich. Double-wow. No coincidence that my barista flat white looks good and, more importantly, hits the jolt spot. Top Cakesmith offerings too: maybe not the wisest choice in the 2pm glare, but we share the delicious salted caramel bubbles. Highly recommended barn-of-a-place.

If it was a car -- Felino cB7.
If they were passing by -- Frankie Dettori.