Sir Clifford of Richard, aka Harry Webb Christmas Quiz 2003
1980s Number 1s

New — presenting the Xmas Quiz for 2004 with cash prize!

Meantime, read on for the 2003 Christmas Pop Quiz...

This is one of those quizzes that you only see at this time of year. Answers are all artists, either individuals or groups, who had at least one number 1 hit during the 1980s. To help you out I've given the number of letters in each case. For example: (10) could be Kajagoogoo, (5,8,7) could be Dexys Midnight Runners, and (7,8) could be (The) Detroit Spinners.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to take part — we now have a winner plus the official answers.

Billy Diamond was an IT consultant, a (8) of the dot com boom. In those golden days he'd operated all over (6), from Barcelona to (6), though was often treated as a (9). Recently times had been tough, and he'd spent several unpleasant months on the (4) sharing a flat with his kid brother, (3,7).

Now he'd bitten the bullet and gone permanent with a local publishing (4). Despite still being regarded as one of the (3,4,2,3,5), he remained (4,3) he'd made the right move.

Jack, his new boss, and looking sharp in his Moss (4) suit, strode up to one of Billy's colleagues: "(7,6) in yet?"

"Bit early for Nelson", answered Phil, who was the (8,5) of Hawkeye in (4). His leather trousers, a very (5,3), and his novelty tie went some way to explaining why Phil was wanted (4,2,5) by the fashion (6).

"Though I notice that (7) not here either...", added Nick.

Holly was very popular with all the (3,2,4), and was another TV lookalike. She resembled (8) as played by (5,7) way back when in Neighbours, and wore beads and (7) galore.

Just then, in walked Nelson. "(1-2)!", shouted Nick. "(4) late again!"

"How many times - use my full name!", yelled Nelson.

As usual, Jack intervened: "Cut it out, (2)!". Addressing both of them, he went on: "Nelson, (4,5) the hatchet, would you?" Everyone was well aware of Nick and Nelson's long-running (7) thing could set them off. "We've got a (3,7) of the newsletter due by close of play, the copier's got a paper (3), plus there's the usual month-end (7). I'm liable to lose my rag, (5) anyone with my stress levels." Calming down a bit, he added: "And (4,7) due in a meeting with me ten minutes ago, so please point him my way."

"Sure Jack", said Phil, "if I see Colin I'll let him know."

Billy watched but was already dreaming of the canteen's lunchtime (8). No good, he thought, must find vending machine. Kit Kat? (9)? He headed into the corridor in a low-sugar daze as ...

... (5), the fire door whacked him full in the face. Holly, her hair newly bleached, helped him up. "Hey, (7)", said Billy, slowly recovering, "do you really want to hurt me?"

"Sorry", said Holly. "I might have a (4,3), if that helps. In fact, I may need a (4,3,2)!", and she burst into tears.

"Is there something I should know?", asked Billy, hoping Holly would stop her sobbing.

"It's (7,7)", she said.

"Micky, the boss's boy?", said Billy. "I thought he was at college with Jack's other (3,6)."

"Well", answered Holly, "George got mixed up with a bad (5), a gang called the Bracknell Gimps, known as the (3,4). I started seeing Michael on the side - he said we had a real connection, you know, heart to heart and (4,2,4). Anyway, George was getting suspicious, so last night I told him, (6,7) and me are an item. And that's when he told me that Michael's been seeing that actress friend of mine, Frankie. She's just been offered this tiny part in a big film called (5,3) Recorder about an air crash. (6,9) is co-starring with (7)."

"Yentl and Evita?!", said Billy, confused, trying hard to keep up. "And?"

"And", explained Holly, "(7,4,2,9) tomorrow, flying out from the (4,6) airport at Liverpool, and Michael's going with her!"

"One word for you, Holly", said Billy, soothingly. "Relax."

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