EDitorial ± 23-Jul-2001

Dream Kitchen

All action here at Broom Acres as the new East Wing slowly knocks itself into shape. Deep within the hard hat zoned-off area are to be found the first signs of a new kitchen (it's what we aspiring middle class folks do) that will also cunningly make the outside toilet inside. If you get my drift. We've spent a charming couple of hours tonight washing down plaster dust. Quality time.

Mama's gonna help build the wall

Reading that first paragraph back, you'd perhaps come away with the notion that I'm cool with the whole thing. That's not the case. Course there'll be obvious advantages to a new loo, never mind some shiny new work surfaces and a smattering of jaw-shatteringly pricy appliances. I can see that. Problem is that I'm not good with change. Full stop.

I like when it's different
But it's just not the same
— Buffalo, Stump
A couple of years back I was chatting to one of the senior managers at work. He was saying that he thrived on new challenges and situations, and quickly got frustrated doing the same job for six months. There was me saying and thinking the exact opposite. We agreed to differ.

So, watching the builder hack away at the (perfectly functional) cupboards the other morning wasn't pleasant. For starters, baby boy doesn't like too much noise, and soon ups his own volume to match. Here's a word: upheaval. I was a little happier once I'd found new places for the fridge and freezer, but I'll be happier still when the work's complete. Can't come soon enough.

Be seeing you!