EDitorial ± 1-May-2008

TT0708, KO Cup, Semi Final

It had to end. Our magnificent one game unbeaten run in the 2007/2008 Knock Out Cup has come to an end, leaving us free to concentrate on the league. Which we won, ha!

Up against it from the start, tonight's opponents from Trimley having finished runners-up in the Premier Division: gulp. Our handicap -- apart from Grenvyle in the team (copyright cheapgags.com) -- meant that if they won a game 21-9, the adjusted points would be level. Not the best of starts when G. went down 21-2 in the opening game.

Didn't really get a lot better for us as the evening wore on and the points ebbed away. Then their third "weak" player turned up and proceeded to hit the ball about as hard as anyone I've ever seen.

Still, Andy had one or two terrific purple patches of play, and big G. put away the odd quality backhand too. I kept on spinning and felt pretty drained after each defeat. Doesn't sound like much fun, but it was.