EDitorial ± 19-Feb-2009

Light Lunches: Glasswells, Ipswich

[presenting a further guest review by Margaret Broom]

This coffee shop/cafe (The Place to Eat) is situated in the new Glasswells furniture store, which is very stylish and well designed. It's located on the first floor, and there is an escalator (which tells you to hold on etc as if you were a child) and if you have a seat next to the large windows you can watch the comings and goings of people in the car park below. The seats are comfy and there is waitress service, and also the ubiquitous daily papers to read while you wait, although the wait is negligible.

The day we visited, my companion and I both went for a jacket potato, he a Coronation chicken, and a chilli one for myself. Now we are not without experience in the jacket potato field (!) and I'm afraid that not only were they expensive, they seemed rather dry (more butter needed) and horror of horrors, there was no vinegar for my salad (I realise this is a personal choice, but the young waitress looked as if I was speaking a foreign language when I requested it - they had "run out"). This was a rather disappointing meal as we had been there on at least two previous occasions and the food had been excellent.

There was no solicitous query when we paid as to whether we had enjoyed it, so on the Mrs B scale I rate this visit as a 7 out of 10.

The furniture and other items are top notch and I covet a Teddy bear that's for sale, but at a price of £118 I doubt whether he will be living here!

If it was a car -- ???.
If they were passing by -- ???.