EDitorial ± 16-Apr-2009

From A Little Acorn To A Royal Oak

According to Radiohead's 2nd single, Anyone Can Play Guitar. That was back in 1993. Whipping forward to a dismal Thursday evening in April 2009, I was in a small crowd to witness Ella The Eldest's first live gig. I knew that she was going to fulfil Thom Yorke's prediction. I didn't know that she'd be singing too. Takes some bottle to stand up there.

Ella and Beth had been attending an Easter workshop at the newly opened Punch Studios in downtown Ipswich. Starting on the Bank Holiday Monday, the attendees had split into three groups and had picked a couple of songs to learn. Like something off the telly, they'd been told that they would be performing these same songs, live, in three days' time. Yikes. Their selection:

  • The Coral -- Dreaming Of You
  • Kings Of Leon -- Bucket

Their group had included one older talented lad who would do the trickier guitar parts and do the vocals. In a reality show stylee, he told 'em on the Wednesday that he couldn't make the gig on Thursday. Everyone else take one step back except Ella.

Here's 20 seconds of poor quality mobile phone footage from the jam night at The Royal Oak, Ipswich:

They did good, did Ella + Beth + Sol + the drummer + studio owner Joe. Afterwards, Webby from the Punch Academy came up to me: "How proud are you?" How proud am I? Hugely.