EDitorial ± 5-Jan-2010

TT0910, Week 14

There was talk of maybe using an orange ball and perhaps asking volunteers to come help clear the ice from the pitch so that today's game could go ahead. Hang on, that was the lunchtime footy, called off after an 11am pitch inspection. Let's focus.

Unlike the Carling Cup semis, our ping-pong match was unaffected by the sub-zero temperatures. And after slugging it out over five ends in my first game, it felt good to be wearing the shorts and wiping the sweat. Unlike last time, had a much better experience due to:

  • right shoes,
  • earlier cycle to/from work,
  • good lighting,
  • warm hall,
  • playing their worst player first,
  • and not dwelling on Christmas shopping.

Only me to blame for not arriving earlier for a decent warm up and still using an old jalopy of a bat.

Pats on the back all round tonight, back to winning ways following four straight defeats:

  • 2 for Andy, coming back like Lazarus to land Brian with a duck
  • 2 for Ed, labouring to beat Bob and present him with another mallard
  • 3 for Anshul, star player as ever, taking four ends to beat everyone

Previously unbeaten pair of Ed and Anshul in the doubles. That record is now gone.