EDitorial ± 23-Feb-2010

TT0910, Week 21

There was a time when you'd find one or more of us over in the TT hut several lunchtimes a week. A quick mini round robin to establish bragging rights, then over to the hub for sarnies. Time moved on and we'd go over less often, maybe once a week. Then Grenvyle "left" the mother company and we kind of abandoned the idea entirely. Could this drop-off have resulted in the Defiants' lamentable recent form?

Quite a novelty, then, on Monday for me and Andy to find ourselves back over there, both playing the odd shot that we'd never try in a proper match. And Anshul was keen for a brief practice prior to tonight's game, so we had a solid 15 minutes to & fro.

Lo and behold, we won tonight! Brace for Andy who turned up late and left early, and maximums for Anshul and Ed!! Double exclamation madness. Maybe there's something in this whole practice thing after all.