EDitorial ± 24-Mar-2010

Ipswich Lunches: Willy's And Milly's

[thanks to Andy Cassy for a hastily assembled guest review]

A step back in time:

Firstly as a revisit since the original expedition to this cafe back in the summer of 2009 just hours before the school holidays meant the review never got written. So on a week when we have a split availability, have the original surveyors return with the promise to arrive early and get a seat as space is cosy and not that abundant.

Secondly the 1970's decor led our conversation back to the era of three-day weeks and energy crisis.

Our trusty scout having arrived ahead of the main party secured a prime seating position to survey the premises. Orders were promptly taken and just as promptly delivered. Two identical jacket potatoes (hot) with prawn filling (cold) and a salad garnish. Apparently the best yet according to our foreign correspondent. Proper pots of tea too, all round, and in typical '70's style dribbled as you poured. The bacon buttie was tasty as well, though Sainsbury’s brown sauce was a bit out of kilter with the venue.

Then cakes for all – pecan slice, rocky road and apple strudel (you guess who had which). And all for change from a fiver. Just like the good old days.

If it was a car -- Singer Chamois.
If they were passing by -- Leo Sayer.