EDitorial ± 12-Oct-2010

TT1011, Week 5

Games played thus far: 5. Games played against Britannia teams: 3 (Phoenix, Cormorants, Merlins). Games to play against Britannia teams: 3 (Avocets, Sparrows, Wrens). Squawk.

Reliable Rene reneged late in the day. Mighty game of PC Andy to step into those sizeable shoes, especially when he could have been at home watching that Ingerland live on terrestrial telly against the Montenegro minnows. To sum up:

  • AndyC, pleading tiredness, outplayed The Girl but then crashed twice to both of The Men, that 100% record falling from the sky like a grouse on the glorious 12th
  • another duck for AndyW: the odd great rally, the occasional quality winner, not enough consistency
  • Ed was tonight's golden eagle, swooping narrowly past The Girl and The Men

Needed to land the doubles to secure a draw and we did before winging it home.