EDitorial ± 9-Nov-2010

TT1011, Week 9

Nine weeks in, wet and cold outside, and the team wheel of fortune has yielded the misfits who managed to put a "one" in the "Lost" column. Could Rene and Ed and PC Andy do better this time?

After a good warm-up, probably Andy's best chance of the night comes in his first match, up against bottom division stalwart Lydia. Straight games win ... for Lydia, proving too canny for our copper. Ed inches past awkward James with his awkward bat and Rene falls by 3-1 to new-boy Kevin, a natural hitter of the ball.

Easy for Ed against Lydia, ditto for Kevin against Andy, sadly. Rene has a further 3-1 loss to spinny James. Saving the best for last, Ed comes out top in an epic five setter v. Kevin, Rene outsmarts Lydia, leaving Andy to play really well against James, threatening to win more than one end but ultimately going down again.

Need the doubles to force the draw: step up Rene and Ed. Oops, never in the game. That'll be loss number two, then.