EDitorial ± 16-Nov-2010

TT1011, Week 7

Rearranged game against mid-table Rosary Blue on a cold night. PC Andy's walking his beat, Andy C's back-back-back, game on.

  • maximum for Ed, outspinning Peter and outlasting Dave, not losing an end
  • maximum for Andy, overcoming Dave in the fifth and Peter in the fourth
  • respectable brace for Rene, outrunning Dave in another five-ender but going down to Peter

No problems for any of us against poor Neil, yet to win a game. Should have invited our other Andy along, then at least one of them would be guaranteed a point.

Rene generously stepped down for the doubles and watched Ed & Andy cruise through the first two games before losing the next two. Fifth and final end, them ahead 10-8, and we scrape back to the deuce. Matchpoints for either side before Andy finally nails a backhand winner, giving Defiants a pleasing 9-1 win to celebrate today's royal engagement.