EDitorial ± 23-Nov-2010

TT1011, Week 10

Calling all cars, PC Andy has won his first game. Repeat, PC Andy has finally won a game.

Me of little faith, I thought he'd blown it. Playing the bottom team in the bottom division, and up against a kid -- Ed! -- in the opening game of the night, he was ahead more than once before losing (a) concentration and (b) the game. Never going to beat their best player in his second game, it came down to his third & final match.

The opponent: Tom, nice guy, barely played in the last 30 years, turned up tonight as a favour. Tight, edgy games, neither player able to force much of a lead. Two games all and into the deciding end. Andy goes behind early on, then comes back to lead 10-7, and their man puts it off the end of the table. Yes! Me and Rene were there the night when Andy scored a point for Defiants. Well, Rene had gone to the gents, but I was definitely there.

Otherwise, two nearly three for Rene, losing a five-ender against nifty Neil, and straight end wins for Ed. When older Ed played younger Ed, and Ed was asked to call a coin toss, he called ... wait for it ... Eds! How we laughed.

Great fun in the doubles, going to an extended deuce in the fifth before Ed and Rene lost. Nonetheless, a memorable night.