EDitorial ± 6-Dec-2010

TT1011, Week 12

Snow's over and now it's even colder, two or three below. Defiants are huddling together for warmth in Andy C's Volksmotor en route to The Dome. About the same temperature inside as out, tonight, though the ping-pong purist's heart would be warmed by the matches being played. Not ours -- dur -- but the Premier Division match on the other two tables. Boy, they sure can hit it ... and still get it back.

Meantime down in division three, our latest avian opposition is the Wrens: one bloke, two lads. Business as usual for Ed with a hat-trick, ditto (sadly) for PC Andy with a duck. He couldn't get going and those kids are on the way up, unlike our sorry selves.

Leaving Andy C to cruise past the kids but then come unstuck in an uncomfortable game against Phil, bad back winning out over jelly legs. Easy-ish doubles to claim the win, then all back to Ed's for a chip supper.