EDitorial ± 11-Jan-2011

TT1011, Week 15

First outing of the new year and first time for just the two Andii on their own with #1 & #3 otherwise engaged or on deathbed.

On the face of it should be quite a good night to ease us in to the Tweenies with Phoenix yet to get a win this season.

Get off to a good start thanks to Mr W driving and we therefore arrive in time for a reasonable practice session too, but not organised enough for high tea without the milk courtesy of our unofficial milk sponsor.

When the opponents arrive we are reminded that they haven’t played since the league dropped the best of 3 games up to 21 points all those years ago. Mr W is looking for another point or two with a couple of the opponents within spitting distance at the bottom of the player list. So, we are all keen to get it over with and agree to play both tables.

Mr C vs Jane : after a straightforward two end win finds himself two match points down in the fifth end before clawing back the next 4 points much to Jane’s disappointment. Could have gone either way but somehow manages to hold his nerve and bat without shaking too much. The other two games are a breeze, loosing just a couple dozen points between all the games.

Mr W on the other hand, and other table, is not doing quite as well as expected. Didn’t even manage to get an end, but came close on a couple of occasions, including the doubles which passed in a whoosh (missed again). Oh well. At least the visitors were happy and we all departed before the clock struck 9pm. Hope this is not an omen for the rest of the season. We’ll just have to wait and see.