EDitorial ± 12-Jan-2011

Young Voices, O2 London

Into the Blackwall Tunnel and neither of us has yet spotted "one of the UK's most recognisable landmarks." Doesn't help that father and eldest are late -- dur -- and that the show's about to start. Turn left and behold The Dome. Now let's take advantage of our pre-booked parking and run for the entrance.

Isn't everyday that your offspring, The Boy, plays The O2. Tonight, naturally, it's been rechristened as Theo2, according to his classmates. Great to see The Boy perform where Led Zep once stood, much like his dad. Kick-off is held back to allow for less punctual parents, tut-tut, then we're off for the start of Young Voices. House lights go down and roughly 10,000 identically attired kids wave their torches and scream. Quite a wall of sound.

Jolly conductor is introduced and first group number is Van Halen's Jump!, an oddly suggestive choice given all the Year 6s seated in the top tier. There's a mid-January Christmas medley and selected guest performers:

  • nice young man Josh Osho charms the crowd with Highlight Of My Day
  • Dionne Bromfield, goddaughter of Amy Winehouse, abrasively belts out Mama Said
  • classically inclinded girlies All Angels do a surreal cover of Starlight by Muse

There's a few moist eyes in the house when the kids launch into Bright Eyes. It's a Springsteenesque two hour set, no intermission, but it's clear that the boys & gals are loving it, esp. the Lady Gaga moves. When the brave lad from Urban Strides, the dance crew, launches into his Michael Jackson routine, the noise levels are akin to The Beatles at Shea Stadium. A night to remember.