EDitorial ± 21-Jan-2011

Light Lunches: Jimmy's Farm, Wherstead

One year less one week since the R.A.G.E. machine (Rene / Andy / Grenvyle / Ed) crossed that bridge to hunker down at Holbrook. Now we are three and it's a new E.R.A. (Ed / Rene / Andy) 'opping over that Orwell in a techno-car with one mode: Depeche. Behind the wheel, Rene slips easily onto the indivisibly prime A137. What's the Wherstead that could happen?

Hang a right by the pink Floydian pig, proceed past the alpacas and park up. Rene driving confidently since he's been here for Sunday breakfast, while I'd helped gather in the Harvest last September. Bit different now with no hordes nor Hoosiers. Finally made it to Jimmy's. That there telly fella has now added a restaurant to his repertoire. Round the back, past the farm shop, the Dung Heap toilets and the mini boutique, pausing to scan the Lament Of A Hog Farmer, and it's not that door, it's the other one. Thanks, Rene.

We're sure to shut the door behind us since we weren't born in a barn ... but if we had been, we'd be back at home. Tons of rustically treated tables to be had. Picking out a bite from the daytime menu, sipping a pint of cranberry, XX on the stereo, peacocks strutting outside: sweet. With fixed prices for two or three courses, it's clear that this isn't one of our regular caff haunts. Prices are pretty darn reasonable, though, and there's some brunchy bits (named Inbetweeners with a nod to C4) on the menu's flipside.

My 360 degrees of stockman's pizza is mightily meatily filling with intense hits to please your inner carnivore, while Rene's burger further depletes the rare breeds. We can't decide if the how now brown cow sauce for his chunky chips is or isn't HP.

Dessert? Phew, not for me. Large black coffee with hot milk on the side would be good. Arm up my back, I'll have a "handcrafted muffin" to wash it down.

Very pleasant and atmospheric, it's a top spot. So much so that for Wifey's birthday, a few days later, we skipped the traditional trip to the Leaping Hare at Wyken for a more local and laid-back version, and were greeted by Mrs Jimmy herself.

If it was a car -- Quantum Countryman.
If they were passing by -- Vincent Riotta.