EDitorial ± 28-Jan-2011

Ipswich Lunches: New Wolsey

Around that there millennium (2 Ls, 2 Ns), with my exorbitant Y2K IT contractor's "earnings" begging to be spent on a sausage sandwich and a large cappuccino, you'd have likely eyeballed me in Enjoy! There, or Blends or Allders. Maybe Vagabonds, JaCey's or O'Briens. Perhaps Pickwicks or out for a Friday treat at sadly-no-more Carrot Cake. And if a melodramatic mood had mobbed me or time was a-pressing, it was up Civic Drive for a quick-ish frothy coffee at the New Wolsey. Never know, might earwig some loose lawyer talk or get wind of a good show.

After the duet of out-of-town delights of Pump Street and Jimmy's, it's gently back to Ipswich, Suffolk, England, Europe, Earth. Didn't expect it to be that busy; I'm fortunate to get a table among the Greek chorus. Showing solidarity with the Star Express round the corner, there's a laminated menu. I'm um-ing and ah-ing when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, aka Rene and Andy enter, stage right. Good, we have kept our appointment.

Poor start: a cold day and they're out of jackets. Over to the chill(i)er Sangha-style cabinet for pre-made paninis and sarnies. VG BLT for me, plus kettle chips from the Rod, Jane and Freddie wicket basket. We all dig in, observed by the monochrome 10x8s of the current production's cast. Five-star review for the locally sourced James White pear & ginger from their Manic Organic range.

Who's for the last slice of toffee cake? Everyone! Sunny inside, but none of us wish to share. Somehow the smiling lady waves her wand and magically Ali Bongo's each of us a good 30 degrees of pure cakestuff. Americano with HMOTS, of course. Unusual and thumbs-up white mocha for Andy. With free WiFi and a water cooler, it's a charming spot with inspiring prospects. Let's go.

If it was a car -- Wolseley Six.
If they were passing by -- Jane Lapotaire.