EDitorial ± 1-Mar-2011

TT1011, Week 21

Always good to encounter the King's Men of Felixstowe parish: compared to these venerable chaps, we're bright young things. As it happened, they were also fielding a weaker team up against our strongest line-up.

In six words: zero for them, ten for us. Yep, 10-0! Reasonably straightforward wins for banana-powered Andy and Yazoo-fuelled Ed, plus a very encouraging hat-trick for Rene (first of the season), coming good in two five-enders. Even with Rene and Ed in the doubles, we won that too despite doing our best to make a match of it.

On to the Black Tiles for customary foaming steins of, er, hot chocolate and latte with an extra shot. Good crisps.