EDitorial ± 29-Mar-2011

TT1011, Week 25

Last but last but one game of the season and the pressure's off. Looks like we're comfortably in 4th place and may even drop to 5th as and when Manor Club catch up with their backlog of games. Bit of a shame since we walked this division a couple of years back, remaining unbeaten. The times, they change, no? Meantime:

  • not Rene's night, again, squeezed out in two five-enders (Kieron, Kamil) and losing the other
  • not especially Andy's night either, also going down in two five-enders (Phil, Kieron) but winning the other
  • leaving Ed to weigh in with a thankfully predictable maximum

For once, Andy and Ed didn't screw up the doubles and so claimed a hard-fought draw. All back to the Black Tile for hot chocolate, latte and a broadside, plus a sneaky HobNob or two.