EDitorial ± 10-Jun-2011

Light Lunches: Teapot Tea Room, Wickham Market

Some small centres of population don't know they're born, what with a Co-op, butcher, Indian, gift shop, newsagent, chippy, Seagers hardware, fabric store, even one of those hard-to-find libraries you hear about in the news. This is one busy little market town.

The original Gang Of Four (me, Andy, Grenvyle and Kev) wound their way to Wickham Market three years ago to take tiffin at the Teapot. Transported in Rene's carriage, two of those plus Herr Schumacher have now returned to CTRL-Y. Why? It's moved. Was in a prime spot on the square, now been shunted off the square.

Not off to the best of starts when Rene asks after an English breakfast and gets a response in keeping with today's chilly weather. Free tables inside but we head out to seek the elusive sun and flick through the EADT. None too peaceful sitting by the through traffic. Here's their toasted sandwiches and my plainly presented beans on toast. Let's assume that sauces were available though not offered.

Plenty of punters (regulars?) here today; it's a few miles to the next nearest cafe. Back in for cake, and Rene once more fails to connect with his request for half a portion. Not exactly service with a smile. Nice slice, coffee a bit ho-hum, ditto the overall experience. 'Cos it's important to end on a positive note, there's a cool mirror in the loo and a Keep Calm Eat Cake sign. We look forward to coming back once the new cafe is open at their old location.

If it was a car -- Reliant Scimitar.
If they were passing by -- Jacqueline King.