EDitorial ± 1-Jul-2011

Light Lunches: Duncans Bakery, Martlesham Heath

First half of 2011 is behind us, nights are drawing in and there's a very English queue in the post office, occupying a corner of the newsagents in Martlesham Heath. Not the first time I've been here and not the first time I've been astonished at the sheer number of (largely ladies') magazines on sale: star-spotting, soaps, slimming, short stories, psychology and psychics. It's 12:50pm, I've got my proof of postage and that poor lady at the counter is never going to clear this queue before the 1-2pm lunch break.

Out to find Andy halfway through his light lunch, courtesy of Duncans Bakery (doubles as a butcher's). He recommends the hot bacon roll in a floury bap, with sauce, yours for a bargain £1.45. Can't go wrong though there's also hot dogs, pizza slices and my usual post 5-a-side order, the classic Cornish pasty. Plus I'll take a nostalgia bag of Walker's French Fries.

Over to the big verdant space, site of the annual Music On The Green, and there's a free bench. Adjacent seating is being used by the Houdini-esque P.O. lady. Temperatures are way up on last April when me and Grenvyle were over here to check out the chippy. Work matters seem to matter a whole lot less when you're sitting in the sun, eating a good bacon bap with a potato-based snack and sipping Yazoo.

There's a quick show of hands and the motion is carried to head back to AP for hot caffeinated beverages: we're gonna need some liquid to accompany these Duncans cakes. I've played it relatively light with the giant cookie but Andy's maybe overstretched himself with the chocolate biscuit cake. He'll be needing those calories on the long ride home.

If it was a car -- Ford BB Van as used by Jones Butchers.
If they were passing by -- Peter Duncan.