EDitorial ± 13-Oct-2011

Ipswich Lunches: Coffeelink, Station

That there Coffeelink down on the capitalised Waterfront is a capital spot. Open all hours, comfy seating, free WiFi, smattering of papers, good views, friendly service, and the coffee is top-notch. When some friends came to stay, that's where we ended up, if you'll take that as a recommendation.

So when our lunch gang was on the lookout for an in-and-out spot close to Ipswich station, I nominated Coffeelink. Not the one on the docks, dummy, but the branch within the very fabric of the station itself. Janus-like, it faces out to the taxi rank and out to the platform. Rules being rules, though, your average punter must pick his entrance accordingly. Takeaway for a cabbie or sit-down for a commuter?

Managed to blag my way through the ticket barriers and onto the hallowed platform: right for Upper Crust, left for Coffeelink. Handful of seats within works fine. Andy's there: always good to see an always-late person waiting for someone else. Compact chiller is home to a compact range of prepack sarnies and paninis. Tuna and mayo'll will more than do, plus a pack of ultrabeefy "Real Handcooked Roast Ox Flavour Potato Crisps". Considering its location, the prices are very reasonable. Good sandwich.

Local street scenes are on the wall in some classy b&w photos: Arcade St, Queen St, and, er, Liverpool St station. Not quite time for Andy's shuttle which means dessert: whopping cinnamon swirl for now, Ritter marzipan for later at home, brownie points guaranteed. Two-shot medium latte is excellent, as ever. Full marks.

If it was a car -- Jensen S-V8.
If they were passing by -- Mervyn King.