EDitorial ± 15-May-2015

Light Lunches: Granary Tea Shop, Snape

We three, says Kev in the car halfway up the A12, are like an American football team. I didn't get it, despite having watched a whole Superbowl once. That Andy, though, isn't as green as he's cabbage-looking. Ah, says he: that'll be the San Francisco 49ers. Sharp as a tack, that boy. This, however, will be the last official outing of the team under that nickname since the K-Man is on the brink of five-oh. Happens to us all, but happening to Kev first.

Foot to the floor on this fine Friday as we fizz past Friday Street before a right-turn into Severus City, hitting the outer limits of the light lunch operational range. If we'd been listening to Stock, Aitken and Waterman on Forever FM, we might have know that there's gonna be a roadblock. Sorry, lads, says the hi-vis guy, you can't come over the bridge. Oh, and you can't park at the pub. Fair enough: Andy parks down a nearby lane and it's a leisurely half-mile stroll to approach Dolby's Maltings, home of Benji Britt and the Granary Tea Shop.

Stacks o' seats in the sun but shortsleeve lightweight Kev's old bones opt for the interior. Come on a weekend and you might well struggle for a table. Not too bad today, thankfully, as we peruse the tartlets, salads and other blackboard specials. There's quite the selection and they all sound good. What could be quaintly fuddy-duddy decor -- tasteful and just about affordable artworks -- resembles the grub, which is dead classy. My bacon wedge, Kev's hot smoked salmon sarnie and Andy's coronation chicken jacket are, like the Bury St Edmunds upmarket cafe, really rather good. All come with a handful of quality crisps and fresh side salad. Tasty dressing, too.

WiFi, magazines and local papers (full of unavoidable ITFC play-off talk), plus reasonable prices further up the scores. It's our understanding that you'll need to remortgage to visit the far posher Cafe 1885 upstairs, but we'll save that for when Kev nails the Felixstowe poker pot. Sweet stuff? Well, those cakes looked mighty tempting but, like Blur, we're out of time. This granary's great.

If it was a car -- Mercedes C63.
If they were passing by -- Courtney Pine.