EDitorial ± 4-Dec-2015

Light Lunches: Crockery Barn Cafe, Ashbocking

Past Wyevale and Grange Barn the Zoe goes zooming
We're licking our lips at the lunch that is looming
See a shop, park outside and cue seatbelt unlocking
That satnav worked wonders to pinpoint Ashbocking

The barn (a brick building) is less than appealing
Yet inside elicits a Christmassy feeling
With baubles and glitter, this cafe's a-rocking
Seems others have also discovered Ashbocking

Yum for my sarnie with cranberry and turkey
While Kev's pumpkin soup and cheese scone is quite quirky
Andy orders off-menu attracting some mocking
For bacon and mushrooms on toast in Ashbocking

I briefly popped out, felt the need to observe
Their wall -- crinkle crankle -- with curve after curve
No piers and less bricks, the idea is shocking
Come visit and view the weird wall at Ashbocking

Numerous cakes, hard to know where to start
Coffee sponge, lemon drizzle and moist mincemeat tart
With top grub and good coffee, the punters are flocking
To the Crockery Barn down in central Ashbocking

If it was a car -- Holden Hurricane.
If they were passing by -- Matthew Wilcock.