EDitorial ± 20-Jan-2023

Light Lunches: Harbourside Kitchen, Levington

And we're back in the trad jazz Friday lunchtime slot. I'm cycling out of Adastral just as Andy motors into the car park and the timing makes Immaculate Fools of us. Truly, we are enchanted, coasting on the stacking area past the site of T's Bar (visited 2019) and the older still Doubledeck Diner (visited 2012 -- check this), both long gone.

Before you know it we're briefly stuck in a queue waiting for a Maersk mystery train to cross our path, then it's a left into Levington Marina. Big board for Suffolk Yacht Harbour has the names and logos of a baker's dozen of businesses who berth there, the bottom one of which is for the Harbourside Kitchen. Plenty o' parking down here on the right before entering the boaty bit.

To our left is a smart wooden structure. That wasn't here when I was last in these parts, says Andy. Entrance is to the rear through a glass door. I pushed, I pulled, dear reader, then Andy suggested it might be a slider. Oops. Finally in, we surveyed eleven small blackboards hung behind the counter and offering "huffers" (large floured baps), sausage rolls, pasties, warm bagels, jacket potatoes, etc. My companion nearly always has the all-day breakfast bap but, when I pointed this out, switched to the on-brand avocado & bacon on sourdough. One fish finger huffer for me, ta muchly, and a rose lemonade.

We had the best seats in the house, I thought, sitting by the dock in the bay window, though Andy had the solar rays in his eyes. Naturally there was a friend of his there enjoying coffee and cake, cue a brief chat, then our platters appeared. Yum in the sun. Over there, pointed Andy, was where we (Mr and Mrs C.) set out in the canoe to Freston Tower back on your 40th. Yikes.

One of the joys of so few people having returned to the office is there being nobody around to notice how long you take for lunch. Thus I decreed there was time for flapjack (me), date slice (him), with a pretty good flat white. On the leg back, Andy pointed out previous bike destination Orwell Stores, seemingly dodo-esque, and managed to make it back in stacks o' time for my 3pm call, honest.

If it was a car -- Amphicar
If they were passing by -- Stephen Yardley.