EDitorial ± 5-Jun-2002

Doorstep Challenge

Scanners are marvellous bits of gadgetry, to be sure. How on earth did we manage to produce plausible fake bank notes before they were invented? Only joking, Mr Eddie George!

Page 1 of the "Quick Start Guide" to my CanoScan 1240U states, in no uncertain terms, that:

You may be required under law to obtain authorization from a person possessing copyrights or other legal rights to the item being scanned
Which sounds right and proper, does it not. So should I have sought permission from the owner of Carrot Cake in Ipswich, strictly speaking, before scanning one of their takeaway doorstep chicken sandwiches?

Scan your sandwich

It took me a while to venture into Carrot Cake (to be found in the old Mick McNeill sports shop by the back of Marks and Sparks) for more than a cappuccino-to-go. If you take away with you nothing else, to coin a phrase, try the doorstep sarnie one lunchtime - truly it's a meal in itself. Freshness and quality is terrific, and feel the width! Many are the admiring glances I've had when returning to the office, though I suspect they're staring at the sandwich.

Carrot Cake, High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk: go get fed

Continuing that fine Maple Leaf connection established by former ITFC players Craig Forrest and Frank Yallop, CC is run by a Canadian chap. He served me my sarnie on Friday morning about thirty minutes before the 2002 World Cup kicked off, in between gawping at the car that had done its best to ram-raid the travel agent's shop over the road. Later this week I'll be sure to congratulate him on his country's fine win over Portugal today. Oh, that was the USA?

I'm not sure I intended this to be an extended advert for his premises, but I can also recommend:

  • the caesar salad: stacks of greenery, croutons & chicken
  • the waffle: banana and maple syrup topping for me
  • the pecan pie: meant to share it, but very guiltily scoffed a whole one of these last week

If I had to pick a word, it would be ersatz. And if I had to pick a word for the Canadian caff, it would be fresh. You want a juice? There's two apples, chop-chop, into the juicer with a soupcon of ginger, there you go. Now if he'd only bake his own bagels, life would be complete.

Be seeing you!