EDitorial ± 3-Aug-2005

It Is Now

Look, here comes item 8 from my NY resolutions:
"arrange and play 5-a-side footy match"
And lo, it came to pass. As unlikely as it sounds, I discovered an all-weather pitch c/w netless goals about 90 seconds walk from the office, bookable online for nowt, though hardly used. Seems that the tech-heads here would rather set up their gym membership direct debit and not do that either.

Been playing on & off of a Tuesday lunchtime for several months now: first game had a turn-out of five hardy souls and took place between snow falls. Attendance has been rising like something which rises very slowly, as former going-to-seed players have reverted to being current players. So much so that yesterday saw a dozen grown mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, necessitating a mini tournament between three teams of four.

I used to daydream about beating one man, then the next, before rounding the keeper and slotting the ball home. Truth be told, I was always far more keen than capable; didn't stop me dreaming.

Then, with the final kick of the game yesterday, I found myself in space, took on the last defender - elbows & all - and somehow contrived to squeeze the ball into the net. Goooooaaaaaal! Pats on the back and kind words all around. Keeps a chap young, I tell you, having one glorious moment in the sun like that.