EDitorial ± 15-Mar-2006

Deep In The Heart Of Me

I dunno: a luxurious rock-solid eight hours sleep last night -- dishwashered, CSI-ed and emptied kids' lunchboxes all by 10pm -- and yet my eczema patches are still with me today. Does it seriously take more than that? May well have to invest in a family bucket of Omega-3 fatty acid fish oil tabs or think about relocating from Boston.

Good ebay pick-up and purchase yesterday: one Kelly's directory of Ipswich, 1967. There's my Dad on the north side of Coral Drive. There's my Grandad at 80 Hatfield Road, still awaiting the blue plaque saying "EFB born here 1966". And there's Mr Victor Neeve on the south-east side of Broom Hill Road, the chap from whom mother-in-law purchased Broom Acres. Fascinating.

Pasta puttanesca tonight while grilling The Boy on his latest set of spellings. Not sure how he did it -- earpiece? series of mirrors? photographic memory? -- but he scored 9 out of 10. Not easy, either: some of these words had as many as four letters including a silent "e".

Later, about to head out for irregular 10pm bad mint on, thought I heard GLW on the phone. Popped head round the front-room door, no handset in sight. She'd been talking to the telly during the boardroom finale of The Apprentice. It's a worry.