EDitorial ± 20-Mar-2006

White Lines Do It

Downtown Ipswich moves with the times and expects high performance. Which is why They -- I guess the mighty Borough Council, praise be -- have just allocated little ol' me my very own cycle lane.

Lines were still being inked in at 8:30am on the two-wheeled journey to work, and in fact I had to pull out to overtake the official Man With A Van halfway up Valley Road hill.

Nine hours later, on the flipside, I was luxuriating in the freedom and maxi-width of my lovely Lois Lane. On what was previously a generously girthed road, the motor vehicles have been squeezed into the Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, if you catch my drift. Nice.

Meanwhile, in the very town where the great George Formby is buried, be sure to check out Warrington Cycle Campaign's Facility Of The Month pages. I can particularly recommend:

Hats off to Pete Owens and the gang.