EDitorial ± 7-Jul-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 29

Top Ten Reasons To Support France in the final:

  1. undertook a Citroen 2CV6 Special in the bike lane this morning
  2. nice to see Arsenal win something
  3. only team to include players called Eric and Sidney
  4. may be able to sneak a free extra shot of espresso at Delifrance
  5. ensures a friendly reception for our summer hols in August
  6. need more cutaways of former French managers during the game
  7. Easter Islanders are demanding the return of Zidane's head
  8. increases likelihood of a BBC4 Truffaut season
  9. might bring a smile back to the St Etienne townsfolk after their 4-1 thrashing by Ipswich in the 1980/81 UEFA Cup
  10. gives 'em something to tell their grandchildren when they get home

Allez Les Bleus!