EDitorial ± 25-Sep-2006

Now With The Great Taste Of Fish

Awf'ly wet this morning, don't you think, dear reader? Chose two wheels over four and was deservedly drenched. Even the dry bits were wet. Stuffed my shoes with an old Motorcycle News and went barefoot on the hardwearing office carpet. Sk-welch.

Queueing for my one-thirty caffeine fix, eyed the overhead telly that's always on BBC News 24, and there was Golden Gordon Brown: ayatollah you this and ayatollah you that.

According to the auto-subtitles, which did their bestest to keep up with his spiel, a Beeb reporter made this suggestion:

Compare this beach to two years ago

Makes sense if you say it out loud. What was that racing driver called? Niki what?

Hit the coffee line midway through chess, having (like Del Piero) unwittingly played the French Defence. Couple of unforeseen errors -- and the superior skill of my opponent -- left me well behind, my Charles II hiding among the few remaining pawns while trying to preserve my synod of bishops. Considered throwing in the damp towel before opting to hang on ... hang on, he's made the cardinal error of moving his bishop off the centre diagonal. His king's stuck in the corner, so I move my blanco bishop there and I'll be blowed, it's checkmate!

Not even through the back door at home before Elder's showing me her marked maths homework, that pentagonal peril. Turns out that my her efforts got me her not one but two smiley faces. Where three smiley faces equals one merit, and ten merits equals one certificate. Really I'm just happy to parson my wealth of numerical skills.

Heading out to bad mint on, bloomin' central lockin' switched on the internal lights (yay!) but wouldn't open the doors (boo!), darn its eyes. Took some coercion just to get in. Arrived, got out, and would it lock? Would it heck. Hopefully a new CR2025 from ebay, now my Paypal's been reinstated, will curate.

We'll always have parish.