EDitorial ± 19-Oct-2006

TT0607, Week 6

Things not to leave in your rucksack overnight:

  1. a banana: really not good if squashed beneath a bottle of water
  2. individual Starburst sweets
  3. spoon used for yoghurt & cereal desk breakfast several days before

Meantime only me and G for TT: the enigmatically initialled "K" was due to play but suffered one of his heads, poor lamb. Your grain, his grain, etc. Medically dubious decision for G to play, given his extremely low blood pressure, back pain and tunnel vision, all of which were cited during tonight's game. Luckily our home night is on a Thursday, and G has dialysis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Be true if it wasn't funny, and vice versa.

Soundly whooped by the mighty St Margaret's, a BBC mens' team comprising Bob, Brian and Chris, as canny as Holger Czukay holding aloft the Palme d'Or in a high-kicking chorus line.

Cheered up by the rare presence of the make-a-milkshake barman at the Tiles. Shake du jour turned out to be a sweet concoction of sponge, pineapple and honey. Yum, liquid trifle.