EDitorial ± 24-Sep-2007

TT0708, Week 3

Why, said impish FredFrank after I'd beaten him, don't you attack more? Now that, FF, is a darn good question. You've got the shots, he continued, so why not use them? Think on, me, think on.

Nonetheless, a steady three for me and debutant Andy, while Kev started like a man possessed and ended like a man repossessed. Surprisingly good natured game against spry Cyril, foxy FredFrank and lashing Les. Like the Avocets, these "boys" make up in awkwardness what they lack in agility. We can only hope to be that active at that age.

Best shot of the night was perhaps one of Andy's many lobs -- such determination to aim the 40mm ball through the overhead lights -- which landed 5cm on the other side of the net before spinning back to his side, leaving his poor opponent nonplussed.

Post match calories at the traditional haunt, the Bodrum Grill. Fat kebab for Andy to celebrate his quarter century at the GPO.