EDitorial ± 4-Dec-2007

TT0708, Week 12

Turns out that Capel St Mary Methodist Church isn't in Roundridge Road, as certain people might lead you to believe. It's on The Street, as one glance at their site would tell you. Must sack that research assistant.

We were facing identical twins, with similar averages, and Will, with 100%, like me. Gulp. Like Frank said, Something's Gotta Give. I was hoping that Arvind might spoil that perfect record before I came to play him, but not so. Instead our man (on his last Defiants appearance) lost only his third game of the season.

Between you and me, that not-lost-a-game thing can play on your mind, esp. when up against a half-decent opponent. And having watched Will whacking that 40mm ball L, R & C, I seriously thought my time was up. Not so. Maybe he lost concentration or got drawn into my spinny floaty game: three straight ends to me. Wipes lips, puts trumpet down.

Apart from that ... Kev rallied from 2-0 down in his final end to scrape a point with a fine net winner, while Arvind secured two twin wins. And that's that for our Indian friend. He's heading back home at the weekend with his ping pong bat held high, returning to his expectant wife and a plate of samba. Thanks, Arvind: it's been fun.

Exit the Viper.