EDitorial ± 24-Jan-2008

TT0708, Week 16

Exactly four months ago since we last played the Kings Of Fleet -- into the fray once more versus:

  1. foxy FredFrank, number 2 in the rankings,
  2. spry Cyril, at number 7,
  3. and junior John, at number 13

No pushovers here. After a welcome warm-up against Son Of Branton, I watched Andy come back from 10-5 down against JJ to win the next seven points and win 12-10. Should have video-ed it and sent it to Andy Murray.

Meantime Kev played some out-of-this-world shots to take the first two ends off Frank. But that Frank isn't as green as he's cabbage-looking, throughly demoralising Kev by grabbing the next three ends. Oh, what might have been, as Kev, visiting a bad place, succumbed to Cyril too. I wrote him off in his final game v. John, and really didn't believe him when he said he'd won. Sometimes you're down, sometimes you're up.

No grand slip-ups for me and Andy after last week's misadventures, both of us scoring a hat trick and gaining auto entry to the doubles. Did our best to lose it. Wiped off told-you-so look off Kev's face by finally winning in the fifth and final end. Phew.