EDitorial ± 28-Jan-2008

TT0708, Week 17

Chilly night up at The Geodesic Dome, home of the venerable Britannia TT Club, where time stands still at 6:23pm. Three simultaneous league matches this evening: we had the middle area, or what I like to think of as the show court. Evening's highlight was possibly one of the other players throwing his fleece over a high dividing net, only for it to land on the wall-mounted two bar heater. We were there, the night of the Dome Inferno. Cue another Balls of Fire reference here.

Alphabet off to a sorry start what with no sign of A or B from our previous encounter, leaving only the two opponents, Miss C and left-handed Mr P. That'll be three points for us without playing a shot, ta very much. Only a sextet of singles:

  • two for me, inc. a scraped a 3-1 win against P
  • two for Andy, who dropped an end against C (happy, Kev?)
  • Kev deserved two but got one, losing an epic match to P who landed a fluky edge to win 17-15 in the fifth & final end

Kev invoked our occasional team rule about the weakest player automatically qualifying for the doubles, so Andy (slight cold) sat and scored while watching his two colleagues gain the team's 9th point of the night.