EDitorial ± 21-Feb-2008

TT0708, Week 20

Was all ticking along nicely before The Incident. Kev, powered by Caffeine Boost Lucozade (Fuel / Hydration / Focus) had done well to beat their man Y, Andy had got past their man B, and their man S presented no problems. Then came Kev against B.

So let's imagine You Are The Ref. Holding an 83% average, their man B is clearly no pushover, but Kev is battling hard. Game is 6-6 and Kev comes out top in a rally ... at the same moment that a second ball appears from the game on the other side of the room. Who's the umpire? Why, it's our man Andy. He calls a late "net" and calls the score unaltered at 6-6. Kev's unhappy, B shrugs his shoulders, counts his blessings and goes on to win (a) the next point and (b) the match.

Two games on finds Andy playing Y. There's a moment when Y serves, possibly raises his arm to indicate a let, Andy returns the ball into the net and umpire Kev awards point to Y. Best served cold, they say. Shockingly, this game enters a fifth end, Y defending like a demon. Few loose shots from Andy and he's 10-8 down facing two match points to someone that Kev's already beaten! He grabs the next two points to claw back to deuce, only to miss another. Again, he pulls level. This, for the neutral (and us) is entertainment. And on it goes until Y deservedly wins 15-13 in an epic encounter, only the second defeat of the season for our man. Shocker.

Andy maybe wisely sits out the doubles, leaving me and Caffeinated Kev to land another win. What an evening.