EDitorial ± 25-Mar-2008

TT0708, Week 25

Last time we encountered Capel they fielded a pair of twins and a really good guy. This time round their line up featured the same twins -- an alternative pair would have been more than a little freaky -- and a different really good guy.

DK, the good guy, started slow, losing his opening end to Grenvyle. Yep, our man was unplugged from the dialysis machine for one night only. Then DK started to land his shots, and v. impressive they were too. I missed his match against Andy though I gather it was a corker, Andy going down 3-1 (he'd have nailed him in the fifth, apparently).

I still fancied my chances against him, and managed to sneak the first two games, extra narrowly. That was before he modified his style of play to NOT hit it with as much force as he could muster and simply to return the ball, awaiting a better opportunity to thwack it. Which he did. Repeatedly. Finally beat me 11-9 in the fifth & final. Later found out he should be playing about two divisions higher.

To nab the overall win, needed (a) Grenvyle to win his final end and (b) me/Andy to land the doubles, both of which were in the realm of Stretchy Objectives, i.e. challenging but achievable. Much self patting on the back to all three of us for bringing home the proverbial bacon. So that's played 23, won 23, one game to play. Bottom league, top of the world.