EDitorial ± 12-Jun-2008

Light Lunches: Martlesham Red Lion

My fault. Mea culpa. My idea to head out on a Thursday. My insistence that we couldn't go too far 'cos I had to get back to bounce a database, boing. My proposal that we try out an inshore inn, a handy hostelry, a proximate pub.

Green travel co-ordinator tagging along, we drove (though could have cycled or maybe even walked) to one of our nearest destinations yet, the Martlesham Red Lion. Gave the briefest consideration to sitting outside before heading inside. More natural light would have been welcome while perusing the long menu. Ordered drinks -- thumbs aloft for stocking Fentimans dandelion & burdock, while our designated driver hit the G&T -- then located the coincidentally titled Light Lunches section.

Have to say that my "Farm Assured Chicken & Bacon Club" was far better than it had any right to be. Really good bread, meaty filling, with dressed salad AND chips. Hats off to Mr Chef and Mr Brewer, chain gang that they be.

Isn't often that I refuse a pudd while on light lunch duty, esp. when the other two (whose plates were less filled than mine) weren't holding back; their pudds looked good. I settled for a not-bad cuppa coffee. Keen service, food none too shabby: you could do worse.

If it was a car -- Avis Ford Fusion 2.
If they were passing by -- Tommy Walsh.