EDitorial ± 26-Sep-2008

Light Lunches: J's Fish And Chips, Martlesham

Down to the hardcore, the quorum: that'd be me and the boy Cassy, occasional doubles players for the BT Defiants. Talking of all things aeronautical, here's an oddity: today's outing takes us to the site of a plane crash (an EE Canberra) which happened in 1956. That was also in September, and also, spookily, on the last Friday of the month. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Wrap right trouser leg in the secure velcro of the grassroutes.info luminous strap, climb on saddle and within five minutes we're at J's Fish And Chips, a pickled egg's throw from the Red Lion. Proximity of this plaice (ouch) means that it's been our fallback destination for blinkin' yonks. Official signage calls it "J's At Crown Point", by the way (see map), and as the sign adds, you can Eat In or Take Away, though sitting inside will cost you an additional 10%.

Similar to an idealised Tibet, it used to be Chinese. Not any more. Friday equals fish, and there's few spaces to be had in the car park, whether or not you're car sharing. We join the queue inside which gives us time to buy a cold can from the vending machine and make our selections. Service is friendly and efficient -- double fish cake and chips, plus 15p Heinz ketchup, please -- and out we go to grab one of the picnic benches. Quite the life, snarfing down good freshly cooked chips from locally grown spuds under a September sun.

What else? Best watch yourself on the multi level steps, much like Andy's young son didn't. There's not only children's portions but also cheesy chips on offer, yum. Plus tea or coffee from a little machine. And a freezerful of small Ben and Jerry's tubs, if that's your bag: we were sorely stuffed after our dejeuner sur l'herbe. Well, a bench. J's: just right.

If it was a car -- Peugeot 206.
If they were passing by -- Adrian Chiles.