EDitorial ± 29-Dec-2008

Light Lunches: Bridge Nurseries, Dunwich

[presenting a guest review by Margaret Broom: hi, Mum!]

This cafe is tucked away off the main part of the village, and its website says it is open every day, and indeed it is, Christmas Day included. We went on Boxing Day, on a cold bright and sunny morning. The popularity of this place is evident, as we just managed to get a table inside, but there are outside tables and several people were sitting out in the sun although it was mighty cold.

There is a decent variety of food on offer but we both went for the broccoli and Stilton soup which although almost a fiver was well worth it. It came with a red-hot roll and a dinky little pot filled with butter. The soup was absolutely lovely, thick and tasty, and I could have eaten more of it. Also on sale are sandwiches, cream teas etc. If you sit next to the large windows as we did, it feels like summer if the sun is out.

Another point in its favour is that that day's East Anglian newspaper was available to read, although it was Boxing Day and no shops in sight to obtain it from.

We saw no celebrities to speak of but we did see lots of horse and pony riders coming along the main street. Anyway, well worth a visit, the only (and very minor) fault was that the young waiter gave me Dad's Earl Grey tea and I started it by mistake (ugh, like drinking perfume).

If it was a car -- ???.
If they were passing by -- ???.