EDitorial ± 16-Feb-2009

TT0809, Week 20

Now this is odd. Venue is the snappily named SPSSSC, sandwiched on Civic Drive between Anglia TV and the two week old Tesco (ex-Durham Pine). Lock the bike, in the front door, up some stairs, into the main room ... and flippin' 'eck, this is (or rather was) St Matthew's Baths. I used to come swimming here when I were a lad, up on the coach every Friday from Whitehouse Juniors. Still the same nicely detailed roof and fans, though sadly the Speedo clock has vanished. Tonight sees a performance from the hard-rockin' BT Defiants. Back in November 1971, you'd have seen Led Zeppelin.

Same crack team of Andy plus Rob plus Ed looking to amend for last week's disappointments. Off to a flier with a clinical win for Rob and a laboured Cliff-hanger for Ed, and here's Andy with an edge of the seat victory to make it 3-0. We all go again, we all win again and it's 6-0. Repeat to fade (opposition downright demoralised) and behold, 9-0.

Doubles time: step forward Rob and Andy, our answer to the Chuckle Brothers. They can both hit it, they can both defend. On a good day. We're up, they're up, some terrific hits, and it comes down to the fifth & final. Tension, nerves, 9-7 to them, two points to win ... and our boys nail four in a row to seal an improbable 10-0 scalping. If the water had still been there, we might have all jumped in.