EDitorial ± 24-Feb-2009

TT0809, Week 21

Tonight's opposition comprised John, Colin and Bill, aka JCB. Already done the Nizlopi reference too, so that's out. Let's hope that we can excavator few more engineering vehicle references.

Ever onward with the ERA-defining team of Ed + Rob + Andy, as compactor line-up as you'd wish for. Lost the chance of repeating last week's maximum with Ed losing to big-hitting Colin in the opening encounter, the latter putting away his smashes with the precision of a cherry picker. Then Rob steamrollered past Bill and Andy powershovelled past John: 2-1 to us.

We carried on roadrollering along: Rob demonstrated some heavy hydraulics to dump Colin, Andy dredged a win against unlucky Bill and Ed forklifted his efforts to restrict John to nine points over three games. By this time, they were beginning to hit the skidder: 5-1 to us.

To cut a tunnel boring story somewhat shorter, we won all the remainder, Andy somehow tractor-scraping past Colin to land an unlikely hat-trick and Ed/Andy (Rob retired early-ish) scooping out a doubles victory: 9-blinking-1 to us.