EDitorial ± 11-Jul-2009

After The Fire, Martlesham

Ah, the late '70s slash early '80s. Options, CB radio, OneCal, cola cubes, a 1:24 Airfix Stuka and my trusty radio cassette recorder. A friend of mine -- Nick -- put me on to a band called After The Fire and lent me one of their records. How old does that make me sound? Home taping was killing music at that time, so I bought a TDK AD90 and helped it along.

This would have been Laser Love, their second album. I played it and played it and played it. I liked the tunes, the synths, and could vaguely relate to the lyrics. Kudos to any band who can incorporate the line "I'd like a little time to cogitate" into a three minute pop song.

Time wore on, and a couple more LPs came out, and I stayed with them. Then I guess other stuff (sixth form, John Peel) came along and those ferrous oxide tapes fell by the wayside.

By chance, a year or so ago, I stumbled across an Amazon page offering a bargain priced CD containing over 40 of their tracks: gotta have it! Onto the iPod it went, and I was mighty happy as the fast-paced pop of Check It Out filled the car. Quality.

Moving on, I was glancing through a list of bands lined up to play at this year's Music On The Green at Martlesham, just over the road from the office. Does that really say After The Fire? Oh yes. Dragged Eldest and her mate out there late on Saturday afternoon. World and his wife were already there, camped out on their picnic chairs. We sat through an OK covers band (Killers, Coldplay, Snow Patrol) and then the once mighty ATF took the stage, belting out a 45 minute set. Looking around, I saw that I have become one of them, an OBMTW: Old Bloke Mouthing The Words.