EDitorial ± 24-Nov-2009

TT0910, Week 11

Home v. Britannia Sparrows tonight featuring the non-playing John Sparrow. Which took me back to the Duryard halls of residence around 1986, listening to late night John Peel and singing along to a track by The Mighty Sparrow. Song was called Invade South Africa. May well have discussed it next day while sipping coffee in the Nelson Mandela lounge. Not on Spotify, that track, so I've had to settle for a similar effort called Isolate Racist South Africa. Where's the World Cup next year?

Back to the not quite so mighty Defiants ping-pongers:

  • 2 for Anshul -- beat Puffing Billy Boyland in straight ends
  • 1 for Ed -- could only beat Bill in the final singles
  • 0 for PC Andy -- good in the warm-up, less so in the proper games

Ed and Anshul, previously unbeaten as a doubles pair, faced the power of Colin and Mark. Went 1-0 down, 2-1 down, into the fifth end and a scraped 11-9 win: oh yes!