EDitorial ± 30-Nov-2009

TT0910, Week 12

Thanks to Andy Cassy for this guest report:

Well, it was worth turning out after all - just.

Anshul got off to a flying start vs Long Junior (Michael). Poor PC Andy up against their best player, Tony, getting 11 points (in total) between the three games before game ends. Then Long Snr vs Cassy – close but still couldn’t get past three ends either.

Things happened rather quickly this evening, with all games bar two needing the minimum 3 ends to conclude. Come 21:30 we’d finished and on our way to the pub having bagged a total of 3 points between us (Anshul 2, Andrew 1 and Andy 0) plus a well earned surprising doubles against their best two thanks to Anshul’s dead-drop shots literally leaving Denis standing.

So we are just about holding our own and top of the bottom half or thereabouts.