EDitorial ± 8-Dec-2009

TT0910, Week 13

Thanks again to Andy Cassy for this guest report:

Well, not a bad result given this team of youngsters is second from top as we started the night.

Anshul had a surprisingly close defeat to their number one player Matt and Andy took a surprising good win against the first of the twins – James. Then Rene turned up with his dancing shoes and a borrowed bat before returning home for his sneakers, which with hindsight was unnecessary but shows dedication and determination. Similar story for the next two rounds with Anshul’s turn to beat James and us all losing out to the others.

6-2 down going in to the last two games, though Rene had now warmed up and settled down to play his best all night to the invincible Matt who just kept on hitting ‘em harder, faster and wider than anything we’d seen for a loooong time (no wonder he’d been playing up in Div1).

So that just left the doubles, which Andy and Anshul faced the Maidstone twins with Matt gracefully sitting out to score. Inspired by the previous game Anshul emulated our nemesis and we comfortably took the final point of the night. They are looking forward to playing Mr Broom on the rebound, so watch that average!